Kinked (Elder Races #6) by Thea Harrison

Kinked - 

Thea Harrison
I have to be straight here and admit that, though I read them all - I kind of think I skipped one somewhere, I'm not even sure, and that's part of the problem - this series is not one that stays in my mind. I usually like the stories (hence the usual 3 star rating) but for the life of me I cannot remember a single thing about any past character when a new book comes out.

This time was no exception - I just went, "Wait, who are these people?" "Where are they?" "Wait, I kind of know who that is, but not really."
That's not good for a series on its 6th book... It might be the worldbuilding - it's okay, but once you compare it to others in the genre it somewhat fails - but I think that the real problem is that, though the secondary characters do show up in other books, the main story rarely involves them more than just in passing references. It's always about the current hero and heroine finding love.
To be honest, that's enough, again why I usually rate them 3 stars, so while each individual book is pretty decent, the series, as a whole, lacks a sense of believability. We're told that they're a community but they rarely work as a community except for those final battles that sometimes pop up.

That being said, this book was better than the rest - not when it comes to the community thing and involving secondary characters, I guess that's one thing I just have to accept and move on - but for the hero and heroine themselves.

I loved Arya! I loved Quentin! I loved their fights! And most of all, I loved how their fights evolved with their relationship but were still a core element to it. This is a rarity: a female character who is a total badass, falls in love... and is still a total badass.
There wasn't any mushy stuff, no dramas aside from the real ones they had to deal with within the plot - they weren't out to make their relationship into something angsty and difficult because life is plenty of that on its own, so they were just pragmatic about the whole thing. And (yes, I repeat myself) I loved it!

So, judging this book on its own it's probably a 4,5 - but secondary characters do show up, and usually the ones I remember are the ones I didn't even like because they were walking clichés, so minus 0,5 stars because this is part of a series.

Also, with a title like Kinked and their several mentions of being ~too dark~ and ~kinky~... they really weren't? That's actually a plus to me, but... just saying.

But if you were one of those who started this series and gave it up, I promise this book is worth reading!

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