Dream of Time by Nancy J. Price

Dream of Time - 

Nancy J. Price
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DNF at 40%


The only reason I even got to the 40% mark on this book was because my internet connection was down. This has to be one of the most intriguing plot ideas coupled with the worst pacing I've ever read. 
44 Chapters went by at a snail's pace, detailing every mundane occurrence in the main character's life.
The story: Robin has incredibly vivid dreams that keep her from attaining a full night's rest. As a self-professed type-A personality does she set up an appointment with a specialist in sleep disorders to set her nights to right? No. She treats us to about 10 chapters of dreams interspersed with the (dull) daily life of a divorced mother, who supposedly loves her children ever so much, but is quick to put them off her mind when she time travels into the past.
Yes, because every time she falls asleep she "wakes" up as Jennie, a lady who took a nasty fall and ended up in a coma, only to wake up on January the 7th of 1900. 
"Finally, some excitement!" I thought. I'd had enough about reading vivid dreams - I can experience the same thing by popping an ambien myself. But no. Instead Jennie/Robin goes through some incredibly slow moving (yet inaccurate) physical rehabilitation while in hospital and when she finally goes home she spends her time twirling pennies/metaphors. 
If I had been hurled back in time I'd worry about many things - I'm not a type A personality, so I can't even begin to guess at how frantic someone like that would be! - but issues such as "HOW?", "WHAT?", and "WHY?" would come to mind, followed swiftly by an all consuming worry for my children. I don't even have children, but I was worried about the character's children! And appalled about her lack of worry about said children!
In her "new" life Jennie/Robin is every bit as dull as she was in the old, except now there are some attempts at plot and romance which were basically just that: attempts. 
The writing isn't bad - it reads, for some reason, as something you'd find in a magazine article about life as a divorced mother. Fine for something like that where you have to stretch your point to reach the desired word count, but completely unsuited for an actual book. It just drags and drags and drags. 
Maybe it gets better past the 40% mark, indeed it must, since it has quite a few good ratings, but it is simply not for me.

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