30 Day Book Challenge: Day 18 - A Book that disappointed me

Ironically enough...
Dickens was paid by the word, and you definitely can tell - this is so extremely contrived, overly descriptive and verbose. "But Isa," you say, "in real life, you too are exceedingly verbose." "Yes," I reply, "that's why my friends are always telling me to shut the fuck up."
And that's what I felt throughout this whole book, like telling Dickens to shut the fuck up. I'm going to follow youtube user TheGingerLow's example, when addressing Tolkien's work:
To say, "That bloke who wrote them books about a twit, a convict, a brat, and a crazy lady was a right tosser."
I plan to read A Tale of Two Cities because all evidence points to it being a m a z i n g. But Great Expectations was just rubbish. Not because there wasn't a single likeable character (I guess I kind of liked the horse who kicked that dude to death - oops, spoilers!), I can read a book without liking anyone in it, but because it just dragged on and on and on and all the characters were basically caricatures of people.

Charles Dickens' twitter - I'm just joshing! Old man is pushing up daisies. Still, imagine if he had a twitter: 
"commenting on the appalling social injustices of our day. brb beating my wife"

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