Snakecharm (The Kiesha'ra Series #2)

Snakecharm - 

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes As I've mentioned in Hawksong's review, these books, though a delightful read, left me wanting.One thing I should add when it comes to Snakecharm is how well the author dealt with how the "inter-species" (in a way) marriage worked and the difficulties that came from raising a child of two cultures. Most books tend to sweep these conflicts under the Happy Ever After rug, it's always a nice treat when an author does not shy from these issues. Granted, it's fantasy, but these are also issues prevalent in the real world and Amelia Atwater-Rhodes did a very good job writing about them.As happened in Hawksong, things felt a bit rushed. It's baffling, really, I would gladly give them a 4 or a 5 if only the author had not seemed in such a hurry to finish.Still, recommended to anyone who likes political marriages between sworn enemies that end in love (which should be just about anyone who's into romance).