Shadowfae (The Shadowfae Chronicles, #1)

Shadowfae (The Shadowfae Chronicles, #1) - 

Erica Hayes This book started off really well and, to be perfectly honest, ended well. But the more I read of it, the lower I wanted to rate it. Bear with me, I know I'm not making sense.The writing is exquisite. Hayes has a way with words, with just a few of them she paints a vivid scene. Look at this:"They’d whispered in dark ocean grottoes with demons" That simple, but can't you just picture it? Isn't it lovely? The whole book is like this, and her writing style produced some very explicit, yet tasteful, sex scenes. I read about the characters going at it hard and rough and I stopped and went, "That's really pretty." Because Hayes made it pretty.But there was too much sex. I know you are all reading this and going, "lol no such thing!" and normally I'd agree, but Hayes had such an amazing and unique world! She took all these clichés we see in paranormal romance books, those old boring characters: vampires, succubus, incubus, faeries, demons, and she rewrote them and made them interesting. Her whole world building was interesting! And I really, really wanted more of it, but every time we'd start exploring it - SEX! Sex, sex, sex. Well, written, yes, but...Too much of a good thing, really.