Desire The Night

Desire the Night - 

Amanda Ashley

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains marital rape.


This started off kind of like Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde, or Sunshine by Robin McKinley - but not nearly as interesting or well-written - just clichés everywhere. Then it took a weird turn into Pretty woman without the whole being a prostitute thing - Gideon, the vampire, just treats Kay, the werewolf, to masseuses, manicures, shopping trips, all the while romancing her with red roses everywhere she goes. To be honest, it was just weird because there was zero chemistry between the two. And there was always this constant talk about money... Like, "You must be rich", "I hope you're rich", "Don't worry I'm rich" - we get it, he has money. Stop talking about how much everything costs, and the brand of every item she buys with his money. It just... cheapens everything. As if that weren't enough there's this passage:

"Hence the dinner dates, the nights at the opera, the tour of the city, the bouquets of flowers.She let out a long shuddering sigh with the realization that it was time to pay the piper."



Then he gets angry because she didn't tell him she was a virgin but decides not to leave her unsatisfied "when the damage was already done". Did you know you became damaged once you lost your virginity? I, for one, did not.


The characters, in general, were pretty two dimensional and made decisions that rendered them too stupid to live, the story was predictable, but even so there was one problematic aspect of it that kept bothering me: the fetishization of Kay's Native American heritage. There are plenty of odd turns since the beginning, with her boss making supposedly witty remarks about her "working her Indian magic" and her best friend telling her they should go out because she's sure to like "the fire water". Now, in real life, I get you forcing yourself to shut up at the boss's stupid remark, but your best friend?! No! You make it plain that is not acceptable.Then Gideon also jokes he's "always had a thing for Indians" and instead of punching him in the dick she goes,"You're just saying that."



And then there was the whole domestic abuse between her parents that was sickening to the nth degree. Add to that her forced marriage to the villain and subsequent rape...Just... no.