Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - 

Sarah Rees Brennan

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So, it took ages for this book to reach my hands but was it ever worth the wait!


Bear in mind that I've just finished reading it so this review may seem kind of unhinged - I read the whole book in one afternoon, my eyes are killing me, but more importantly I need to point out that very few books have hooked me up like this, I may be one of the stingiest reviewers when it comes to doling out stars.This may not make much sense, but although any similarities with the following books were slight and had a feeling of reverent homage to them, when I read it it felt like Howl's Moving Castle had a baby with The Changeover. I kept thinking "Oh, there's some Diana Wynne Jones' worthy wit" and there was something undefinable about it, perhaps the nature of the main protagonists' relationship and the portrayal of family life that brought to mind Margaret Mahy.

High praise as this may be (and coming from me it really is), this book is all Sarah Rees Brennan. And that makes me so, so glad!


I had trouble connecting with the main character of her first trilogy - and, very cleverly, that was the point. But Unspoken had my eyes glued to it from the very first page and had some truly laugh out loud moments that, were I one who still had any shame left, would have made for some very uncomfortable moments on the train. As it is only the other passengers were unsettled.


The plot is tight, it had me guessing until the great revelation, the characters were fully developed, the atmosphere was creepy, and heartbreaking, and funny - perhaps funnier because it was heartbreaking.


And now a moment to fangirl over the fact that my OTP almost got together in the book - OMG YES!! I was so hoping those two would fall for each other! And they kind of almost did but not really because angst! I'm not going to spoil anything, not even with a spoiler tag because the whole development of their relationship, even though it was unobtrusively in the background, made me so absurdly happy that I can't take that away from anyone who hasn't read it yet. I usually say I can tell a book is amazing if I almost die while reading/walking with it and this one joins the few, the great - because if it weren't for a kind old gentleman hooking his cane to my belt and pulling me away from incoming traffic the worst could have happened: I wouldn't be here to read the next book in the The Lynburn Legacy.